Where Science Meets Nature

Platinum BioSciences Mission

Platinum BioSciences has been created to provide top-quality, pharmacist-compounded nutraceutical products, infused with THC-Free cannabidiol (CBD), enhanced with scientifically specific terpenes and other proven formulas and nutraceuticals to deliver optimal results in our health and wellness line of products. Platinum Biosciences’ line of CBD infused nutraceutical products have been developed for discriminating customers who are looking for the best product quality and efficacy that nature and science can offer.

CBD Molecule

At Platinum Biosciences, our formulation strategy is to recognize the value of science meeting nature, where we can accentuate what nature has provided us with, along with the science to maximize the effects of both. In addition to CBD (and other non-psycogenic cannabinoids), we are integrating proven pharmaceutical-grade nutraceuticals, complex targeted terpene strains, and natural absorption enhancers to form a comprehensive solution to better assure patient relief. By adding targeted condition-specific food-grade booster terpenes to an already robust terpene profile of 18-22 terpenes, our Pharmacist is able to deliver a cosmetic formula that leverages what nature provides while using science to significantly enhance the combined ingredients benefits and efficacy, known as the “Entourage Effect.”

W. Paul Sullivan, RPh – Chief Science Officer