Platinum BioSciences Brands

Platinum BioSciences is comprised of five independently managed operating divisions, each focused on a unique segment of the CBD market. Platinum BioSciences serves each division through the provision of leveraged corporate functions (i.e. finance, legal, marketing, IT, etc.), enabling each division to focus their efforts on product development, sales, and marketing.  Each division will maintain an independent P&L, while consolidating financial statements up to the parent company.

The Platinum BioSciences Divisions include:

  • Platinum BioHealth
  • Platinum CommandoFX
  • Platinum eSportz
  • Platinum BioPet
  • Platinum BioSciences Direct

Platinum BioHealth

Working with both the Healthcare Provider (Hospitals, Physicians, & Specialist) and Payer community to stimulate the expanded use of CBD-infused therapies as either alternatives or complements to prescription medications, especially around highly addictive and commonly abused products.


  • Providing a full line of Compounding Pharmacist created, complex formulations to mainstream provider market segment
  • Presently engaged with major medical associations that help providers build a better future for medicine, advocating to the courts to remove obstacles to patient care and confront today’s greatest health crises.
  • Establishing, in partnership with MM411, to provide continuing education classes to the medical professional community specifically focused on CBD. These are ACCME accredited Continuing Medical Education (CME) courses that have also been approved by the American Medical Association (AMA) for AMA PRA Category 1 Credits.™  Currently approved classes will provide interested physicians the ability to earn up to 12 continuing education credits.

Platinum CommandoFX

Platinum BioSciences has created the CommandoFX product line as a tribute to the amazing men and women of our armed-services and first responders. In a demonstration of our true appreciation for the sacrifices of our Veterans and active-duty personnel, Platinum will donate a generous portion of our proceeds to causes that support these heros and their families.


  • The products offered within CommandoFX are specifically targeted at those medical conditions or needs of these individuals that often experience Pain, PTSD, Anxiety, Stress, or Sleeplessness and currently have only a few quality medical alternatives to rely on.
  • The initial set of Platinum products that will be offered to this market are: Transdermal Pain Cream, Anxiety/Stress, and Sleep.
  • Platinum is already engaged with a growing set of Veteran support organizations and influencers that have used and support our products, and want to help share their experience to help get these novel products in the hands of those in need.
  • Folds of Honor has been selected as the initial recipient of Platinum’s contribution to provide educational scholarships to spouses and children of America’s fallen and disabled service-members.
  • CommandoFX products will be sold across the U.S. in CBD stores, retail establishments, along with several popular convenience stores

Platinum eSportz

With the popularity of electronic gaming growing exponentially, the demand on players in order to compete is growing as well. Given the hours required to reach a competitive level of performance, these athletes are required to overcome many factors that can degrade performance and overall gaming satisfaction. Hand and arm fatigue, along with back and neck pain are by far the most common conditions confronting players.


  • One of the most important aspects to excelling at gaming is your ability to focus. When the difference between winning or losing is decided at fraction of a second, it is critical to maintain the intensity of your focus.
  • Accordingly, the Platinum product lines that are currently being targeted at this eSports Gaming community are: Transdermal Pain Lotion, Focus, Anxiety/Stress and Sleep.
  • To improve awareness of the our brand and products, Platinum BioSciences has engaged key influencers that have literally thousands of followers that watch their streaming play daily, to use our products and share their experience across their followers.
  • Platinum is also planning to conducting an experience trial with high-volume gamers in order to formally capture direct feedback on the value of our CBD-infused products at enhancing overall performance of these eSports athletes

Platinum BioPet

For people that have pets, they are almost always viewed as an important member of our family, and cared for accordingly. Unfortunately, our pets experience most of the same health conditions that humans do, like pain, anxiety, and depression. Fortunately, research has proven that CBD offers the same great relief to our pets that people are experiencing with these products.

Accordingly, Platinum BioSciences is currently developing and researching a broad line of pet-friendly CBD-infused products for our furry friends. These products will be focused primarily on improving the quality of life of dogs, cats and horses initially … with an expanded line being considered for a later introduction.

Platinum’s BioPet’s products will be marketed and sold through current big box pet retailers, online direct sales, and through local veterinarian and pet hospitals.

Platinum BioSciences Direct

Providing a full-spectrum of services, from formulation to fulfillment, for diversified sales opportunities spanning wholesale and distributor engagements to international and online retail fulfillment.


  • Leveraging a broad range of Market Influencers and Ambassadors that span professional sports to well known Entertainment and Military icons to represent and promote Platinum’s product lines.
  • Full service White Labeling of Platinum’s premium products, including formulation, production, packaging and fulfillment, for companies that desire to sell to unique or specialized markets using their own sales, marketing and branding.
  • Support a diversified set of specialized contract sales teams that are focused either on designated specialty markets or targeted geographies
  • In support of demand for direct online sales, Platinum has established our CBD Platinum online e-commerce site to enable both wholesale and retail sales and fulfillment.
  • Platinum will selectively use global online retail markets for selective products across broad, diverse, or hard to service markets