Platinum BioSciences Divisions

Platinum BioSciences Divisions

Platinum BioSciences, Inc. is creating 8 unique operating divisions within the company. Platinum BioSciences, Inc. will serve each division through the provision of leveraged corporate functions (i.e. finance, legal, marketing, IT, etc.), enabling each subsidiary to focus their efforts on product development, sales, and marketing.  Each division will maintain an independent P&L, while consolidating financial statements up to the parent company.

The Platinum BioSciences, Inc. Divisions include:

  • Platinum BioSciences Wholesale
  • NextUp Life Health & Wellness
  • Platinum ESPORTZ
  • Commando FX
  • CBD Platinum
  • Platinum Medical
  • Platinum BioPet
  • Platinum BioSciences International

Platinum eSportz

Addressing the Health and Performance needs of the rapidly growing “Online Gaming” community

  • With the popularity of electronic gaming growing exponentially, the demand
    on players in order to compete is growing as well. Given the hours required
    to reach a competitive level of performance, these athletes are required to
    overcome many factors that can degrade performance and overall gaming
    satisfaction. Hand and arm fatigue, along with back and neck pain are by far the most common conditions confronting players.  
  • Additionally, probably one of the most important aspects to excelling at gaming is your ability to focus. When the difference between winning or losing is decided at fraction of a second, it is critical to maintain the intensity of your focus.
  • Accordingly, the Platinum product lines that are currently being targeted at this eSports Gaming community are:
    • Transdermal Pain Lotion
    • Focus, Anxiety/Stress
    • Sleep Aid
  • In early 2020 Platinum BioSciences has been engaging key influencers in this market, which have literally thousands of followers that watch their streaming play daily. The companis is engaging these influencers to use our CBD-infused products and share their experience with their followers and fan base.
  • Additionally, in an effort to formally capture the feedback and performance data from across the gaming community, Platinum eSportz has been performing an “invitation only” trial, providing a select group of 1,000 influential and high-volume gamers Platinum BioSciences Transdermal Pain Lotion to try, along with the requirement to provide feedback on their experience.

CommandoFX, LLC

Catering to Veterans and Active-Duty Military Personnel

  • Platinum BioScience is introducing a cannabinoid-infused products line to this market to help
    our Veterans and Active Military with the common conditions that confront this community
    PTSD, Stress/Anxiety, Pain and Sleep
  • Platinum is already engaged with a growing set of Veteran influencers that have used and
    support our products, and have offered to help share their experience to help get these novel
    products in the hands of those in need.
  • The initial set of Platinum products that will be offered to this market are:
    • Transdermal Pain Cream,
    • Anxiety/Stress
    • Sleep Aid

As a token of our sincere appreciation to all that have served this great country, Platinum will be making significant donations to Veteran causes from each sale. 

Platinum Medical, LLC

Working with healthcare providers and payers to stimulate the acceptance and use of cannabinoid-infused therapies as a viable alternative to prescription medicine, especially addressing the growing crisis around opioid abuse.

  • Providing a full line of Compounding Pharmacist created, complex
    formulations to mainstream medical market segment
  • Presently engaged with major medical associations that helps providers build a better
    future for medicine, advocating to the courts to remove obstacles to patient care and confront today’s greatest health crises.
  • Establishing, in partnership with MM411, continuing education classes for physicians focused on CBD.   Have currently obtained approval for  classes that will provided interested physicians with 12 continuing education credits.

Platinum BioPet

Working with veterinarians and owners

  • Full Line of CBD-infused Pet Care Products
  • Pet Anxiety/Stress
  • Pet Pain Treatment

Platinum BioSciences International

Platinum biosciences international is responsible for finding and developing foreign market opportunities. While operating outside the United States has its own unique challenges it also comes with wonderfully unique opportunities. Operating internationally allows us to find new synergy partners and unique niche markets throughout the world. We are currently working on finding partners in Europe and South America,  and are open to opportunities worldwide. The opportunity to provide Platinum BioSciences’ unique and branded products on the world stage will aford the company boundless opportunities to expand market share and create new partnerships. The world is looking for what Platinum biosciences has to offer. It’s this division’s job to find the ride alignments and synergy partners to take Platinum BioSciences to the world.